Double the Crowd = Double the DORA

AO: Big Creek

When: 07/12/2018

QIC: Olaf

PAX (): Whiz, Clyde, The Body, Swiper, Dumpster, Baker, Saint 2.0, Benny, Bartman, Mickey, Bagger, McDuff, The Gap

Warm Up:

We moseyed down to the normal intersection for warm-ups. With all the extra PAX today, we caused quite traffic jam. Among the traffic passing through, we found our FNG. Welcome Bagger. Clyde took parking lot duty and guided Bagger to a parking spot and caught back up with the group.


The actual warmup went like this: SSH x10, Hillbillies x10, SunGods x11


The Thang:


We grabbed a medium sized coupon and moseyed up to the turf field for the Double DORA. We lined up on the long side of the field and partnered up. While one partner did the exercise, the other ran across the field and back. Here’s the details:


DORA Round 1:

X100 Curls w/coupon

X200 Lunges w/coupon

X300 Flutter Kicks

  • LBC’s while waiting on the 6


DORA Round 2:

X100 Overhead Press w/coupon

X200 Squats w/coupon

X300 LBC’s

  • Planks while waiting on the 6


Only because it is my favorite routine to do with visitors. We circled up for a round of Howling Monkeys. Generally, this is where we get to know our brother’s personality, and today was no exception. We had quiet monkeys with funny faces, aggressive monkeys trying to break things, and even a passionate monkey that really enjoyed humping.



We kept the Mary short and sweet today. After all, we had an FNG to name. Only a quick set of Box Cutters to cool down before time was up.


We counted off 14 PAX and named our new FNG Bagger. How did he get that name you ask? Good question. Bagger is a die-hard baseball fan. The term Rosin Bag came up and we liked it. From there we simplified it to Bagger.


Announcements consisted of:

  • A reminder about “The Zoo” workout at Central Park on Saturday, 7am; “The Widow Maker” at Webb Bridge Park on Saturday at 7am; and our neighboring region Cherokee now has Bike Riding workout on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. All are welcome to join all of these workouts.
  • Reminder of the day of service on Saturday July 14th. The event will be from 9-12 at 101 Millbrook Cir Roswell, GA 30075. Plan on arriving at 8:45 AM and park in the back of the complex. I’ll post a poll in a few to get a rough headcount. I’ll bring water and juice boxes to have during the event. If you have gloves you like you can bring them. If not they will provide some onsite.

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