Vacation hangover

AO: The Firehouse

When: 07/10/2018

QIC: Dash

PAX (): Baker, Skynyrd, Rueben, Howser, Dash

There is no better way to knock the dust off from a couple of weeks of vacation than to hit the ground running with a remedy for the “vacation hangover”! And of course I brought the girlfriends along in order to help get that accomplished. With 5 anxious PAX, let’s mosey!

Warm O Rama

20 each IC



10 each IC

Imperial Walkers



Mosey back to the truck to retrieve the GFs for

The Thang

time for a quick variation of a PAX favorite 21s. This version is called Dash’s 33s. The overal motion resembles that of a Clean and Jerk using the GFs as weight.

Next up, a yoke walk to the hill for a set of heavy 11s.

at the top of the hill we do Merkins with the GF wrapped around your waist

at the bottom of the hill we do squats with the GF on your shoulders


Now it’s time for a Cusack walk to the nearest soccer field for a version of 4 corners.

We started in the middle of the field where we returned to after each corner to pay the toll(10 lunges with the GF)

1st corner is 20 curls

2nd corner is 20 bent upright rows

3rd corner is 20 overhead shoulder presses

4th corner is 20 big boy sit-ups


time to head back to the flag with a special walk called Dash’s Daisy Chain. All PAX form a circle with a GF between each PAX. Carrying the GFs in formation we walked back to the flag. Before we started I threw out the caveat that if any PAX dropped a GF, we would all have to stop and do 10 Merkins, and there were no short cuts back to the flag as we had to stay on the asphalt. We only had to do 40 Merkins to get back for some quick Mary.

Mary IC

15 Freddy Mercurys

15 LBCs

15 American Hammers



prayer request for Baker’s Mom(stage 4 cancer)

prayer request for improved conditions in Haiti(several known people affected with traveling to and from for missions)




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