The Calorie Killer

AO: The Hooch

When: 07/09/2018

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Nacho, Saint 2.0, FNG Flipper, Scar, Miller Time, Piggy, Frito, Scrooge, Sneakers, Manhole

14 PAX was a nice showing for a Monday morning beatdown!  It was great to see some faces from other AO’s, and even an FNG.  Here’s what happened:

Usual warmups – YHC forgot cadence on one and couldn’t jump in the middle, guess I need to Q a bit more.  Mosey’d for Weed Pickers, HillBilly’s, and SSH’s.

Time to Kill some Calories!  Gotta get out of breath for that to happen.

We mosey’d over to the dewey soccer field for some fun Burpee Catch-Me-If-You-Cans.  Sets of 3 as one partner carries another, while the third does 5 burpees and catches up.  YHC guessed that 8 laps were a mile, but it was probably more.

Yes, it was a short mosey.  11’s on a little hill, with Merkins and LBC’s.  We got in some Leutinent Dan on the way back, all the way to 10 squats.  Great job hanging in there!

Welcome Flipper!  It was great to see such a strong group out encouraging one another.  Prayers for the job still in waiting, job changes and the business of this week, and other PAX who weren’t there.  Everybody’s busy this summer, let’s reach out and keep lifting each other up!

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  1. Ripken from Suncoast headed your way for a week to share the pain and bring some sunshine. Looking at The Hooch for Friday 7/13. Not sure if I need a bike or what “Spin Cycle” is. Can someone call me?


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