Playtime at the Gladiator

AO: Gladiator

When: 07/03/2018

QIC: Moonshine

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Scar, Yogi, Sox, Delicious, Shrinkage, T-Bow, Kegger, Puddle Jumper, Laces, Moonshine

YHC was honored to lead the PAX of this new AO on a pre-peachtree beatdown.  Since many of the PAX were reserving their serious workout energy for tomorrow’s big 10K, YHC thought we could use some down-time in the form of fun morning activities.

The Thang:

The fun started with a mosey to the pavilion beside the pond, where YHC discovered it is a little too dark to use the track around the pond for the planned Dora activity, so audible in order for later on and skip to the warm-ups (IC SSH, Week Pickers, Hillbillies).

Then short mosey up the stairs to the playground swing sets for partner swerkins.  Partner 1 does 15 swerkins while partner 2 does squats until time to switch.  Then rinse and repeat 15 swerkins with lunges and then again with star jumps.

No dora, so audible to the the much more well lit soccer field.  OYO Lt. Dans to 1/2 field mark, turn around and Lt Dangers back, turn around and Burpee Dans back to 1/2 field then plain old Lt. Dans back to the st fart.

YHC noticed the burpee form for this new group needed refining (no one’s form more so than YHC) so what better way to work on form than a nice little round of Burp-n-Merk.  Starting with 1 and going up to 10 merkin-burpees, then repeat 10 and back down to 1.  One of these days YHC is determined to finish this exercise.

PAX wanted a rest for the upper body so YHC called out aun run around the soccer field – Indian run, snake style with the back PAX weaving between other the PAX on the way to the front – good training for all the runners pushing to the  front of the P’tree in the AM.

YHC had extra time after this so 4 corners with 10 merkins, staggered merkins, other staggered merkins, and hand-release merkins on each corner.

Back to the flag for mary with LBC flutters, 6 inches of pain (beware calling on Scar for mary), Peter parkers with a reach (may steal this  one in the  future), and  Mt Climber merkins (YHC wants to try this one again before arms are already finished).


Prayers and praise for Sox daughter opportunity to speak in front of 1200 people… hopefully there will be a video and link in the future.  Prayers for Lace’s dad and a tough battle ahead and praise for the progress so far. Prayers for the P’tree participants tomorrow.

As always, a humble and rewarding experience.  Thanks for the honor of letting me lead.  This is a group that has something very special started here and a real opportunity to make an impact on this  community.

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