AO: Firehouse

When: 05/29/2018

QIC: Wham-O

PAX (): Skynyrd, Howser, Reuben, Wham-O

With another last minute Q opportunity, YHC jumped at the chance to help lead 4 intrepid PAX at the Firehouse. With a steady rain and no signs of letting up, there was a slight audible, but fun was had by all. Today’s beatdown brought to you by everyone’s favorite Canadian rapper, Drake.

Mosey out into the gloomy rain.


15 SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

10 Weed Pickers

Sun Gods (OYO)

The Thang

Modified 4 corners under the pavilion. YOLO

Set of Four Yul Brynners (Magnificent Seven Merkins. Wide, Regular, Ranger, Diamond, Hand Release, Crucible, Chuck Norris) Total of 48 Merkins done 7 different ways.

10 Outlaws

5 Round the World Lunges

10 One-legged burpees (5 each leg)

Take a lap, rinse and repeat, take another lap.

Traveling Balls to the Wall. One partner does balls to the wall and scoots along upside down while the other partner runs around the building. Runner relieves hand-stander. This was tougher than YHC originally thought. Drew blood from one PAX, and we made it around one wall.

Started from the bottom now we’re here

Mosey up to the hill. One PAX had an Elvis, so the rest ran sprints up the hill to the flag and did 10 merkins into a mosey back down.

Once the PAX was whole again, we partner carried up the hill with ten merkins at the top. Each PAX got three carries.

We ended with some strong yoga poses to stretch out and stay safe after pushing hard for the morning.



Prayers for the young man pulled from Lake Lanier yesterday, and for the recent high school graduate who is about to start cancer treatments. Prayers also for all those affected by the hurricane.

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