Red for Badger: Wheel O’ Pain Sweatfest

AO: The Paragon

When: 05/24/2018

QIC: Manning

PAX (): Homeboy, Nomad, Hombre, Kiffin, Dandy, Drumstick, Sweetheart, Legionnaire, Tebow, Spanx, The Mole, Smurfette, Westside, Ricky Bobby, Garfield, FNG (Quagmire)

In honor of Badger, we wore red and gathered briefly prior to the warmup to lift him up and to read a quote posted by his M after his passing:

“God knows what He is doing. He is a good God, and it’s not over until it’s good.”

Philippians 4:6-7 Don’t worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all He has done.


Dandy knows only one speed. Ok, fine,  let’s sprint to the dumpster warmup zone. Speaking of Dandy – let’s give him a shot at a spontaneous warmup VQ. Dandy also has no time for following proper F3 etiquette and led the PAX into a rapid fire session of SSH, Mt. Climbers, and SSH. Wow, that was a train wreck of awesomeness.  This is how the Navy Seals do it?  Consider us all ready to ring the bell…


We did a bunch of high-intensity-terrible-stuff with my totally awesome Wheel O’ Pain free app.

In no particular order: Rocky Balboas, Zamparini’s, Brofrog 100’s, BBSU’s (major Ricky Bobby fail, getting steamrolled by the pax yappers), more Rocky Balboas, Fire Alarm Merkins, and The Mole’s favorite: Bobby Hurley’s.

Silliness (The stuff that matters most):

  • The Mole early arrival for a 2 mile shirtless hero run
  • Drumstick arrival at 5:29, no speak, departure at 6:16, no speak. #confidence #nicehair
  • Spanx cranking up the excuse-o-meter with why no red shirt. Legionnaire simply put: I ain’t got one (sounded more sophisticated with his romantic French accent).
  • Smurfette whining about his delicate hands during fire alarms.
  • Late arrivals by Mssrs: Hombre & Sweetheart. Get here when you can, fellas.
  • Post-beatdown BREAKING NEWS: Lawdog, following up his trash-talking Stoneclad 0.0 recruiting effort by oversleeping and earning the FUBAR flag. Chitwood for heroically stepping up and saving the day #trophyhusbandtotheVQrescue!  This is what happens when you mess with Tom Brady. Some just have to learn the hard way…
  • Welcome, FNG: Quagmire!!!

Fun Facts:

  • 91 Merkins
  • 2.15 Miles
  • “100” Yards of Bro-frogs
  • 200 Raise da Roofs
  • 16 Flights of Big Boy Stairs
  • 16.5 Gallons of Sweat (14.75 by Garfield)


Prayers for Badger’s family for peace and comfort. For all of us men to be there for each other when times are good, and when they’re bad. For all other unspoken prayers on our hearts. #BadgerRed

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