EDM Jesus beatdown round 2

AO: The Kodiak

When: 05/23/2018

QIC: Swisher

PAX (): Yogi, Hombre, Aquaman, Babyface, Harp, Legionnaire, Coach, Westside, Manning, Woody, Titlemax, Banjo, C4

Every got a glow stick necklace
Let’s mozy!
20-side straddle hop
20-imperial walkers
-sun gods
The Thang:
EDM Jesus
Start the music
1st lap
3 merkins
13 burpees
23 star gazers squat
33 LBCs
2nd lap
Dirty Mac Duce
11 Merkins
11 Freddy Mercury’s (bicycles)
11 LBC
3 times through
3rd lap
M exercise
33 monkey humpers
33 merkins rolls
33 moon gods (in grass)
Partner up
Partner 1 – Lunge with a squat jump in-between
Partner 2 – run in opposite direction
Tag and switch
Twice through
Back to the flag
Ring of fire
12- Mountain Climber Merkins – (1,2,3 down)
Pray out loud together. Dr Phil’s book Relationship Rescue. Studies show one in 10,000 couples that pray out loud get divorced.
F3/Fia 2.0 workout June 2nd – Still looking for a Q
Summer of 2.0 Workouts (shirt orders to come soon)
Amicolola Falls Field Trip beatdown June 16th (recon next Sunday- Contact Legionnaire if interested)
Great Job today picking up the 6 fellas
Way to stick it out Coach – coming off an ACL reconstruction last fall is no joke, just ask Hasbro

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