Mucho Chesto Bruce Leeo

AO: The Playground - 2.0

When: 05/18/2018

QIC: Misty

PAX (): Legionnaire, Whammo, Nomad, Chitwood, Harp, Aquaman, Misty

It was another fine Friday morning beatdown with 7 PAX in attendance. By this point most are familiar with YHC’s affinity for core work. Add in a still recovering knee and you have a solid recipe for a Misty led Bruce Lee beatdown, only this time with a bunch of merkins included. As the clock hit 5:30 here’s what followed:

Quick mosey (3-5 yards) to circle it up for the warmup:


10 windmills IC

The Thang

Mosey to the corner of the school building where we started our bear crawl. Totaled roughly 75 yards, stopping twice at the lit doorways to do 5 burpees at each. Once we arrived to the other corner, grabbed the speaker and continued our mosey to the gate of what will now be called “rooster row” after the roosters at the end finally stirred from their slumber and became active after we got started.

From there we got started on the main course. First things first, got our soundtrack going, which given the Bruce Lee factor YHC decided to go with LostProphets (much to Whammo’s disappointment) and the first song to kick it off was Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja. Started with Mucho chesto, 10 reps each of merkin, wide merkin, diamond merkin, stagger right hand forward merkin, stagger left hand forward merkin then run to the end of rooster row and back. Back at the start it was time for Bruce Lee, 20 reps each of American Hammer (Kodiak count), reverse LBC, LBC, heel touches (Kodiak count), crunchy frogs, big boy sit ups and another trip down rooster row and back. We did this 4 times for a total of 200 merkins and 480 ab reps.

Just enough time to Indian Run it back to the flag and finish right on time!

After the week long mystery, intrigue and chatter around the naming of the beatdown, we discussed whether or not to disclose the full name to the public or if it should only be shared on a limited basis to those that attend. My new thought it is to let that remain an inside joke to those in attendance at the inaugural beatdown and instead change the beatdown name to The Playground – 2.0. Not only does it pay homage to what the Mole started, but also coincidentally is close to the average mileage we’ve gotten each of the first 2 weeks.


Prayers for Voodoo and quick healing from his injury. Also, continued prayers for Homeboy’s father and the rest of the family.


5.19 ruck event on Saturday with recognition and proceeds to honor the Hired Heroes group that Aquaman supports

2.0/FIA/F3 workout on 6/2

Road trip beatdown to Amicalola falls on 6/16

As always gentlemen, it was a pleasure to venture out into the gloom with you once again. Misty, out!

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