Nacho ordinary Deck of Death, Deal with it

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 05/14/2018

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Bloodhound, The Mole, Cricket

YHC loves puns, and I take no shame in that fact.  So much so that T-Rex (my oldest 2.0) is starting to develop into a strong pun master himself, and it fills me with pride.  So while he and I were playing a little Go-Fish last night, YHC decided that since I had not planned out a beatdown yet, the cards in my hand inspired me to still a Nacho version of Deck of Death.  Since plagery is not a victimless crime I give full credit to Nacho Libre of the Rubicon for the main portion to the Thang we experienced today. Commence hating him fellas.


After a quick mosey circle up for:

12 SSH

12 Windmills

12 Imperial Walkers

Sungods OYO

The Thang:

Enter the cards. Diamonds: Dips / Hearts: Merkins / Clubs: Big Boy Sit-ups / Spades: Squats

It all started innocent enough.  We pulled a few big cards for Dips and merkins.  A few low cards made some appearances, But the face cards really dominated the show.  After 10 cards we did a round of Balls to the Walls. The second time around the PAX started to get a little suspicious, especially when a King of Clubs came up 2 cards after a King of Clubs.  YHC could feel the look of betrayal in the eyes of all the men staring at him. The jig was up. I came clean and confessed to loading the deck to make the men better. There was a groan, then we got back to work.  Eventually we completed the deck, stopping every 10 to Knock out another round of Ball to the Walls.

With the cards picked up we moseyed back to the playground for additional fun.  Partner up for 3 rounds of Monkey humpers AMRP while your Partner does 10 Swerkins.  Mosey over to some weird contraption perfect for pull-up work. 1 Pax holds at the top of the pull-up as long as possible while the rest hold air chair.  This works because we had a small group this morning. Second time through we did the same but with 10 Pullups.

Back to the flag right on time, just like it was planned.



Prayers for Cricket and his family as they travel over the next week plus with 4 kids in a van.

Prayers for Kiffin’s M


Woodstock Launch June 4th, Manning is working hard

Holly Springs Launch NEXT Tuesday May 22nd, Ricky Bobby is getting the Flag together for that.

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