Leg Day!

AO: H0.0ch

When: 05/11/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Scrooge, Sunshine, Jimbo, Boomer, Sainte20, Swiss, Simba, theDab, Sneakers

YHC decided to give his “soccer arms” a break after Zima put a hurtin’ on the little guys yesterday and focus on the area between the butt and the floor.

We warmed up with some copper head squats, split squat pulses (each side), and SSHs.

Station 1:

Right Leg: 30 second AMRAPS of Glute Bridge Marches, Reverse plank single leg marches, Glute Bridge with a single leg kick out, and Sprinter Starts

Left Leg: same thing

Plenty of mumblechatter about yoga, glute squeezing, etc until we got about 1/4 of the way through and it started to quiet down.

Station 2:

With pavers in hand we moseyed toward the bleacher stairs where we did two rounds of the following, followed by 30 jumps squats.

20 single right leg step ups with- Curl/Presses/left knees at the top

20 right leg bulgarian split squats with one leg on the step behind you

plank for the six

flap jack the whole thing

rinse and repeat the above for two big sets on both sides

30 jump squat finish

Station 3

Mosey around the track to “stretch it out” then back to the pavilion for some wall sit lunge combos.

  • First Round- 30 sec wall sit and 1 lunge each side
  • 2nd Round- 30 sec wall sit and 2 lunges each side
  • 3rd Round- 30 sec wall sit and 3 lunges each side
  • 4th Round- 30 sec wall sit and 4 lunges each side
  • and so on until we did 13 or 14 rounds (YHC lost count)

5 MOM led in a round robin fashion

We were more tired and a one legged PAX in a butt kicking contest.

COT:  Good to have Swiss back and thankful for his encouraging words.  Simba thanked the PAX for accountability (some invited and some not).  YHC is thankful for this group of men that challenge each other physically, support each other in so many ways.  Uncle Scrooge lifted up prayers for praise, prayers for our Ms, and for our PAX on injured reserved.


  • Macon Launch
  • Puerto Rico mission trip



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