Groin(er) Sandwiches

AO: The Playground

When: 05/09/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): misty, hasbro, nomad, chitwood, dandy, toto, thrasher,

15 glorious cinder blocks waited patiently in the back of the SUV, each one yearning to be put to good use making a HIM sweat and grunt in the gloom of a beautiful spring morning. YHC was optimistic the numbers today would be there, and each block would actually have a chance, given the AO challenge afoot, and the addition of a well-placed pre-blast; but, alas, only 7 other PAX drove up to join the festivities so 7 poor blocks had to sit and wait, sad and dejected. Oh well, no matter – a small group can do just as much damage as a large group can, so onward and upward!


short mosey out and back to circle up for 3 exercises not commonly called on for warmup purposes – where’s smurfette when you have a gift like this specifically designed to make him happy?

1- copperhead merkins IC x10 (3 count down, PAX counts rep on the up)
2- mountain climbers IC x20
3- burpees x7 OYO
exciting huh?

the thang:

Groiner Pyramids – (Groiner= start in the merkin position, perform 1 merkin then thrust both feet up next to your feet, then return straight back out into the merkin position. To make the pyramid, perform 2 merkins, 2 groiners, 3:3, 4:4, 5:5, 4:4, 3:3, 2:2, and finish with 1:1 again) very pleasant – go ahead and try one now, i’ll wait…

Following the pyramid the PAX was to complete the following set of exercises:

7 Pullups
10 Block Curls
7 Box jumps with your block
10 Block thrusters

Then do another pyramid. Followed by a set, followed by a pyramid, followed by another set, followed by your last pyramid.
Total was 3 sets and 4 pyramids. Great work was done here in this segment, the block box jumps were nice too – good strength builders.

Next we moseyed with the blocks out of the playground area over to the grassy knoll, set up some distance from the wall.

Partner up for…
Round 1:
PAX 1 heads to the wall for 30sec BTTW while PAX 2 kettle bell swing his block. Tag out, switch roles

Round 2:
PAX 1 to the wall for 45sec BTTW while PAX 2 kettle bell swings, tag out, switch up

Round 3:
PAX 1, you guessed it, head to the wall for 60sec BTTW while PAX 2 kettle swings, tag out, switch up

6:12 at this point, so return the blocks to their lonely brethren and circle up for a “dandy” of a time with MARY

Flutter kicks
Leg Lifts
Dandy Cross-overs – new exercise named just today!


Great focus on the muscle groups today, PAX took the time for deliberate movements, no racing, no ulterior motives; just tough, grunt work. I’m tearing up it made YHC so proud…
Continued prayers for Homeboy’s Father
Friday, misty is starting a non-0.0 bootcamp here at the playground – YHC cannot come out to support day 1, but please help make this a successful launch if you’re able to.
Expansion abound in the cherokee region – you are all ACCELERATING MEN making this happen

peace out

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