Good Enough for Government Work

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 05/04/2018

QIC: Westside

PAX (): Legionairre, Hombre, Harp, Mickey, Dory

No Small Group at the Barn doesn’t mean a morning off! We quickly threw together an impromptu beatdown at the Hurt Locker with 6 well-motivated PAX in attendance. In the morning gloom we started off with a mosey down the parking lot to the turf field. Circle up, it’s time to begin!

Warm up

The Military Preparation Drill (all exercises were in-cadence count)

Bend and Reach x 10
Rear Lunge x 10
High Jumper x10
Rowers x10
Squat Bender x10
Windmills x10
Forward Lunge x10
Prone Rows x10
Bent-Leg Body Twist x10
Merkins x10

For reference the Preparation Drill can be found here:

The Thang

After a quick 10-count, the PAX lined up on the goal line to start. At the goal line, the PAX would assume a starting position on their stomachs. On the command ‘Exercise’ the PAX would push off in a dead sprint to the 50 yard line and then walk back to the goal line. This was repeated for a total of 10 times.

Phase II was more sprinting, but a little modified. The PAX again started at the goal line to perform modified B.L.I.M.P.S. The catch, on the command ‘Exercise’ the PAX would sprint 100 yards to the far end goal line to perform the ‘B’. Waiting for the 6, the PAX would line up at the far end goal line and jog back to the start to perform the ‘L’. The third iteration was a fast walk, again to the far end of the field to perform the ‘I’. The sprint, jog, walk process was repeated until we completed the ‘M’, ‘P’, and ‘S’. The counts for the exercise were as follows:

Burpees x10
Lunges x20
Imperial Walkers x30
Merkins x40
Plank Jacks x50
Squats x60

With 5 minutes left, time to mosey back to the flag for some last minute Mary. For those keeping count we had hit 70 Merkins at this point for our daily count. Time to make it an even 100.

Back at the flag, we circled up and had 2 PAX knock out 30 more Merkins. When 1 PAX finished, another PAX started until we completed the circle.


Counted off and did the Name-O-Rama to finish the morning. Legionairre provided the much appreciated coffee to wrap everything up. Thanks again to all the PAX that showed up on short notice. Also, Harp and Dory were killing the sprints this morning. We all pushed each other at one point or another during the workout.

In closing, please keep Homeboy’s father in your prayers as he prepares for his upcoming doctor’s visits and all the other PAX whose family or friends are suffering right now.

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