It has a name

When: 11/21/2017

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Foghorn, Crack, DoSiDo

What else could I be talking about? The new(ish) workout.

When: Tuesdays 0530-0615

AO: Publix, downtown Alpharetta, store #556

Workout: the Witch and the Wardrobe

Foghorn gave an intro that is way better than I can, so I will answer the remaining questions.



Hadn’t thought about that yet.


I think so.

See question #3.

Of course.


I still think so.

don’t understand the question.

You can’t handle the truth!

Now, lets get on to a few backblasts. So far, 4 workouts have been had and all Qs were adequately satisfactory. The first beatdown mixed in a perfect 5k, followed 1 week later with 3.4, and 7 days later with 3.75, then 168 hours later with 4.2. So there you have it, 3 mi on the min, 4 within range and plenty of sightseeing to be had at such distances. Allinol, the pace is an easy 8-8.5 and we should be sub-6 within another week or two. 

We tend to start with something that is referred to as a hot mile, but for us, its more like a warm mile and there is such irony there considering my thoughts on warm-ups. Last week, after the hot mile, we hit hand release merkins on the Thompson street hills; top, bottom, top, back to the bottom, back to the top. Out to the far Avalon deck stopping a few times for E2Ks on each side. Once at the deck, 3 burps at each turn as we head to the top, then sets of derkins and Irkins on the wall. Note to self: cliffhanger merkins are only for the magical on that particular wall. Tour back through Avalon passing the skating rink. Mad p’s to the first guy to get us on the ice for a pre-dawn activity! You have until mid-Jan to figure it out. Over to the hill by the other deck – maybe someone smarter than I can name them for clarity – for a quick 2 spot suicide with more Mary on one side and something else on the other. Stopped at Avy Park for 15 pull-ups, back down Thompson for hand release merkins at the top of each hill and back to Publix, the public name of the AO for all others to recognize, just as the bell rings.


Its Movember. Grow a ‘stache and turn into a badass. Think Sam Elliott when the fellas are heading down to O.K. Coral. Could you ever imagine him saying, “sorry fellas, the kids have a soccer game and I am the 6th assistant coach on the team.” Of course not, because he has a mustache and he is actually the 4th damn assistant. If you have RESPECT, you should be talking to your doc about your PSA. If you are African American or have a family history, get that convo started by 45.

Now, let me go post this bad boy on twitter with some hugely self-gratifying hashtag. Whoop! Whoop!


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