Mountain Jam ’17 Part II

When: 11/19/2017

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): Fizz, Manhole, GreenBean

After a day’s long of brewery touring and decadent food consumption, YHC offered to Q another Caesar’s Head, SC Mountain House beatdown.  Thanks again to Leon (fartsacker!- you too Montross, aka Stretch Armstrong) for hosting us.   We had a blast at Sierra Nevada Brewery- amazing food and views, as well as hitting Oskar Blue’s Brewery in Brevard, NC, home of Dale’s Pale Ale.

7:30AM start.

The Thang:

Follow me down driveway 1/2.  Backwards run up to parking area for:

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Toy Soldiers IC x 20

Merkins IC x 13

Rinse & Repeat

Wanted to head down next steeper driveway, but that house had renters come in the night before (no firewood carries, sorry).

Decided to follow the sun for some views.  Cherokee run past Thrill Hill staying along ridge.  Found an empty lot facing views and stopped for Mary:

LBC’s IC x 20

Heels to Heaven IC x 20

Mason Twist IC x 20

High Dolly IC x 20

Then Circle Merkins: Plank while other PAX does 1, 2, 3, then 4 counts.

Plank o Rama- various

Merkins x 14

Follow me to playground for stations, split up.

Station 1: max pull-ups at monkeybars, then squats

Station 2: swing-set abs, then squats

Station 3, run up Clubhouse steps then 5 burpees, back to pull-ups .

Rinse & repeat.  Ten count.

Follow me along same road along ridge, up private road to Northern facing view from house w/ golf platform.  Also noticed many shotgun shells (good thing no one was home).  Beautiful views of valley below (overlooking Greenville to the east).  Mary: Low dolly IC x 20, ABC’s IC x 11, Freddy Mercury IC x 15, Obliques IC, x 15, flapjack.  Cliffhanger merkins- from stone platform IC x 14.

Cherokee run back up private drive, found another empty driveway for: Parter merkins (but had to make them 3 way), clap hand of guy to your right IC x 5- very uncoordinated Q!

Follow me up to stop sign, heading back home for:

Crabwalk to telephone pole/American flag (about 50 yards), lots of mumble chatter and weak effort from PAX 🙂

Cherokee run back (tried to find Brad’s trail, but Fizz led us astray!).

Stopped for dips on steep driveway: IC x 15

Stopped at Marchant/Jensen drive for planks: 30 sec, various

Suicides (same as yesterday).

Still more time on the clock.  Continue down drive, BearCrawl up.

Head to doorstep for Dips IC x 20

Circle up for SSH x 10


Fizz took us out.  Thanks to God for beautiful weather and great Fellowship.

Hope to do it again soon, per Leon with more PAX next time.



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