Veteran’s Day Murph Challenge

When: 11/11/2017

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Flo, Boomer, Saint 2.0., Mufasa, HaHa, Zohan, Special K, Jackelope

9 strong for a Veteran’s Day inspired beatdown at the Widowmaker.   YHC missed the traditional Murph Challenge this past Memorial Day, but figured no better time than Veteran’s Day to bring a form of it back.  Slightly modified to fit into our 1 hour window, but hard nonetheless.

-grab your girlfriend (37lb sandbag) and mosey to the trail
-continue the mosey down the hill to King’s field
-majestically sitting in the middle of the field (to the PAX surprise) was our shovel & American flag, appropriately flying on this breezy Veteran’s Day morning
-Circle up around the flag for SSH, Imperial Walker & Cotton Picker
-mosey back toward the playground for the challenge

-after a quick detour, we found ourselves in the playground area looking for pull-up bars.  Alas, we found some that would do the trick
-break into 3 groups for 5 rounds of 10 Pull-Ups, 20 Merkins & 30 Squats w/girlfriend
-grab your girlfriend and mosey back down the hill to the flag
-ring around the Mary with all 9 PAX participating
-Reverse LBC, Buzzsaw, Burpees OYO and much more
-now that Mary was out of the way, we moseyed back to the playground for unfinished business (TCLAPS to Mufasa for grabbing the flag and bringing it with us)
-short on time, we modified to 5 rounds of 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Merkins & 15 Squats
-mosey back to the parking lot with 2 minutes left for Seal Situps….35 to be exact

We discussed how grateful we are for the Men & Women in uniform who fight to keep us safe from harm and who fight to keep us free.  No words can express how thankful we are for their sacrifice.   The Murph challenge is an annual fundraiser for the Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Murphy was a Navy Seal that was killed in combat in 2005 after heroically saving other members of his unit.  YHC is humbled to lead this modified challenge.  Respect for our very own Mufasa for his service. #HIM.  Others in our group have family and friends that have bravely served or are currently serving.  Prayers to keep them safe.  TCLAPS for the pre-ruck crew who started at 5:30a and then joined us for the beatdown.  Ouch!

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