Wednesday Showers

When: 11/08/2017

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (): DD, Goat, Grease Monkey, Booter, Sprocket, Racquet, Aflac, Virginia Slim, Chelsea, Bronco, Doogie, Squeegee, I-Beam, Polaroid, Percy, Zima & The Big Short

18 PAX hit The Wreck this morning for a mid-week beat down. The calendar says November, but the weather is not convinced. YHC was not expecting rain, but Chief Meteorologist Brick Tamland aka DD was 100% on the forecast. 5:30 hits and we circle up around the gazebo.

Warm Up (All IC)
– SSH (apparently the Q is supposed to count)
– Slow count Cotton Pickers
– Ray Finkles/Toy Soldiers/It was early…
– LBC’s
– Obliques: Right & Left

Mosey to BA Hill. Props to IR short-timers Bronco, Aflac & Virginia Slim who biked in, all Stranger Things style, to Murph and join the group for non-mosey activities.

The Thang
Simple Sevens on BA Hill
– 1 Burpee at the bottom, Burnie Sanders (backwards run) up, 6 Split Jacks
– Rinse & Repeat until 6 Burpees to 1 Split Jack
– LBC’s for the Six

Mosey to playground for 10 Minutes of CINDY with the IR
– 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Merkins, 20 Side Squats (each leg)
– Zero chatter during this one, silence is golden!
– LBC’s for those finishing up their set at 10-minute mark

Mosey to retaining wall behind Field 3 with Dustin, Mike & Steve in tow. We can all agree Virginia Slim is the Wreck’s Steve Harrington, right? Few years older, nice hair, good with a bat. I digress…

2x Aiken Legs
– 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (10 each leg) and 20 Monkey Humpers. Hump Day!
– 15 Derkins added just because
– Yes Sprocket, I think decline Peter Parkers would be great for your next Q. 2018 Signup sheet is out there!
– Plank for the six

Mosey to Field 3 infield for Jack Webbs
– 1:4 Merkin to Shoulder Press
– Stopped at 10 Merkins/40 Should Presses
– Rain came in to cool us off around the seventh rep

Hit. Every. Step. Up stair case as we mosey back to Flag. No time for Mary.

Prayer requests:
– Sprocket’s wife will have surgery on Friday
– I-Beam’s son is home and recovering well
– All the Wreck families adjusting to new humans

– Seven for Coffee at Crazy Love
– 2nd F tomorrow (Nov. 9) 7p-9p at Variant Brewing Company

Great effort form everyone this morning. Always a pleasure to work with you guys!

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