There will be burpees, lots and lots of burpees

When: 11/08/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Banjo, The Mole, Dori, Homeboy, Clyde, Olaf, Wham-o, Naty Lite, Misty, Westside, Swisher, Legionnaire, Cricket,

So as most of the PAX knows by now YHC and my neighbor Bloodhound like to do Spartan races.  When the opportunity arose to invite other PAX to the lanier race a few weeks back we were both pretty excited about the thought of spreading the joy that is a Spartan race.  We had a few takers, and those who did partake in the fun seemed to have enjoyed the experience.  But YHC really wanted to spread the love even more, to hopefully motivate other PAX to know they too can endure a race and join us on our next adventure.  Then Spartan Race gave me the perfect opportunity, the virtual race.  It would serve 2 awesome purposes, introduce some of the PAX to the idea of trying a race, and it was one less workout to have to come up with.  Win Win.

 Then came last Saturday.  Bloodhound had to go and introduce a Spartan workout penned by satan himself.  I was a bit fearful that some may not come out on Wednesday after hearing that it was a workout he received from the Spartan website, but the men of The Kodiak have proven they are up for a challenge.

Warm up:

Where we were going, we didn’t need much of a warm up, the heart rate was going to spike early and often.

10 SSH, 8 Cotton Pickers, 6 Wind Mill, 1 last chance to get back in the car

The Thang:

Spartan Virtual Race:

4 rounds of 30 Burpees followed by a 400 meter run

Times were recorded:

  • The Mole: 14:23
  • Banjo: 14:39
  • Westside: 15:46
  • Cricket: 16:43
  • Babyface: 17:17
  • Swisher: 18:17
  • Legionnaire: 18:24
  • Spaceballs: 18:38
  • Wham-O: 19:11
  • Clyde: 20:17
  • Olaf: 21:30
  • Naty Lite: Way too fast
  • The rest did not tell me their times, but overall everyone finished faster than I thought we would
  • Link to the Spartan Virtual Race if you want your medal: click here

As more and more PAX finished we started in on some Mary as we waited for the 6.

We finished earlier than YHC anticipated, so we went to the metal mountains for some mini Dora with 50 derkins, 100 dips, and 150 Squats as the partner ran up and back down the mountains.

We still had a bit of time, and being the type to let time go to waste, YHC broke the group into 2 lines for a modified Indian run.  The 1st man in line was going to take off and run around the track and catch the last person in line.  After getting ⅔ of the way around the track it became very clear that a miscalculation had been made by the Q, so we audibled.  The first 2 came back and we tried again, this time having the last person in line run the opposite direction to catch the group. Much more successful.  After the last man finally got his turn we headed back to the flag with just enough time for name-o-rama

COT & Name-o-rama

  • Prayers for Bloodhounds procedure & his wife as she travels
  • Prayers for Texas
  • Prayers for Hunter and his family


  • Sequoyah will launch on Tuesday January 2, 2018, so start sending me names and emails so we can start compiling a list, right now I have 0.
  • Thanksgiving Football at the Widowmaker – 7am 2.0 & M’s are welcome
  • Opportunity for a 3rd F ont h the 18th for those who are around.  They will be doing the final push to get Veterans Park set up for the lights festival that benefits a couple organizations including one for children and one for veterans.  If you are willing and able to help they would appreciate any help.  Let me or homeboy know if interested and we will get you more info.

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  1. It should only count as a Spartan race if you are hurtling tree trunks and slipping and sliding on tree roots going up and down steep hills WHILE running 400 meters! Good work, men!


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