Track of Pain

When: 11/6/17
The Pax: Boomer, BRD, Cookie, Flo, Ralphie, Saint2o, Sneakers, Sunshine, theDab & FNG- Zazu
QIC: Scrooge

It was a warm, foggy morning for November and was about to get warmer… 10 PAX showed up for my VQ so it was an awesome turnout. YHC decided he needed to work on a little endurance and drug the PAX with him.

When 5:30 rolled around we moseyed past Starbucks next to Hurricane’s for a brief warmup: 10 SSH’s, 10 Cotton Pickers and 10 Squats, all IC. We had a packed morning so we quickly moseyed across the road to the parking lot and began our Indian run to get our beloved coupons and then quickly worked our way to the PS track.

The Thang:
YHC had three rounds of the Track of Pain planned, but time only allowed two. Upon explaining The Thang, the murmuring from the PAX revealed YHC set the bar exactly where it should be.
Here’s how it went down:

  • Round 1: Everyone partnered up, but with 11 PAX, there was a 3 PAX group. Partner 1 begin doing walking lunges around the 400m track with cinder block coupon in hands. Partner 2 did 10 burpees behind partner 1 and upon burpee completion had to bear crawl to catch partner 1, then flapjack. It quickly became apparent this was no time for a moseying bear crawl… We did however many rounds it took to get all the PAX around the 400m track. With our heart rates jacked and the PAX moaning, it was a quick 10-count and then time for Round 2.
  • Round 2: Same partners, but partner 1 moseyed the track while partner 2 did 25 squats. When the squats were done, partner 2 sprinted to catch partner 1 and flapjack. We made our way around the track as many times as it took until both partners did 100 squats.
  • Round 3: Time was running out so the PAX will have to wait until next time for this little gem.

After Round 2, we grabbed our coupons and headed to the pavilion for OYO 3 sets of 10 weighted dips (with coupon in lap) and 10 merkins. With our shoulders burning, it was then “coupons over our heads” while we returned them to their home.

Moseyed for a few and did a two partner Indian run halfway home and then an improtu Plank/Merkin ring of fire. We moseyed back to the flag (except there wasn’t one) for some Mary and six inches while we waited for the six. Finished out with some Gas pumpers, T-merkins and reverse LBCs all IC.

Prayers for Sneaker’s interview, theDab’s family with his work schedule and the Texas shooting victims.

YHC was honored to lead these guys today in my VQ – they always step up to the challenge and always push me.

Welcome FNG- Zazu!

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