Relay for lite

When: 11/01/2017


PAX (): Toothpick, Grease Monkey, Doogie, Chelsea, Windex, Squeegee, Booter, TP, Rusty, Sprocket, Polaroid, Bear

13 PAX for a day after Halloween Beat down.  Between cold, travel, injuries, day after holiday, and who was leading it was one of our smallest crowds at the Wreck.  Thanks to all who attended.

-Mosey to dark area between Roswell Area North and Park
-15 Cotton Pickers
-Lined up in line, one person did Marta down the rails, while each person in line did Side Straddle Hops, this continued with each person counting 10 seconds before following the next person down the rails.  Side Straddle Hops on finish line until 6 in.

  • mosey to football field
  • Relay style work out around Football field
  • Teams of Four with each person at one corner of the football field.
    • First person did 40 Burpees, runs to the next corner where his teammate is doing squats, who runs to the next corner where his teammate is doing Shoulder presses with Milk jug, who runs to the next corner where his teammate is doing LBC’s, then the last person in the group does the 40 burpees and circles the field to round up all the team members – Plank at start when done.
    • Did the same routine again with 25 Merkins at first corner, jump squats at next corner, Arm raises at next corner, and Flutter Kicks at last corner. Circle the field when all four teammates had completed.
    • Time constraints limited round three.
      • Here we just stood in a circle and did 25 of each:
        • Carolina Dry Docs
        • Monkey Humpers
        • Butterflies
        • American Hammers
      • Mosey back to starting point

Exactly 6:15 so no time for Mary- she had already left.

Prayers for Sprocket and his family in relation to David.

Announcement – F3/F2 night at Variant Thursday 11/9/17.  Waiting on Bear or IBeam to announce time, though I think 7:30 was discussed.


I-Beam sold out after Burpee parade and didn’t show up so we were flag-less

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