3-card BlackJack!

When: 05/30/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Clyde, Big Dipper

Actually, it was 3 PAX that emerged from the holiday weekend ready to kick off the summer in good form!  Clyde continuing his impressive run and good to have Big Dipper back from the IR!  Reuben gets a pass for posting on Monday at the Murph and we will expect a surge from the rest of our regulars over the coming days…here is how it went:

Mosey down the hill for Warm up’s:




The Thang:

Mosey to the coupon pile for some coupon Black Jacks:

20 curls, 1 overhead press, sprint 25 yards

19/2, sprint back, 18/3, etc. all the way back to 1/20.

Next, off to the base of Mt. Culiminjaro for some catch me if you can:

1st 2 PAX backpedal up the hill, while last one does 3 burpees and then sprints to catch the starters and switch places all the way to the top.

4 corners at the top with:

10 Mercans (YHC forgot about the 200 from Monday before calling this)

20 lunges

30 squats (also forgot about the 300 of these from Monday as well.  Good thing there wasn’t a pull up bar in the top lot, although my memory would likely have saved me on that one)

40 LBC’s

Stop by the wall for jump ups and dips, 2 rounds and then back to the Roman gates for Mary:

Rosies, Flutters, dollys, swimmers


– Blessings for great things happening across F3 North Atlanta.  66 total between dads and kids on Saturday and great time doing the Murph with PAX from all across the region on Monday in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country

– 2nd F this Thursday at Gate City brewery in Roswell @ 5:30 PM

– Roswell AO launch on 6/5- follow F3 North ATL for details

– look forward to seeing the old and prayers for some new PAX to find us at BC this summer!


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