The spin off

When: 05/27/17

QIC: Green Bean, Mufasa

PAX (): Booty, Green Bean, Mufasa

This morning was planned to be a 2.0 beatdown. YHC, Green Bean and Booty posted without 2.0s. Crack, ever vigilant for an opportunity for new groups to be spun off (his current role at F3Alpha which he excels at) approached us and encouraged these 3 warriors to go off and do something on our own. So we did, and here’s what went down:

Mozy to the hill – A crowd pleaser of Lindseys:

  • start with 25 squats at bottom and 15 merkins at top (facing down). decrease and increase by 5.
  • 5 burpees at half way point going each way

Mosey to ball field stopping for a plank and squats waiting on the 6.

  • On ball field, bear crawl 15 yards, 20 LBCs, bear crawl 15 yards, 20 lunges.
  • Repeato, sprint back to beginning, plank for the six.

Green Bean takes over.

Mozy to benches for 2 sets of dips and jump ups.

Peoples chair on wall for 30 seconds.

Mary – Low dolly, American Hammers, Freddie Mercurys and more YHC can’t recall

Lap around building, decline Merkins, count 20.

Mozy to pavilion for more Mary

  • Obliques, left and right
  • Flutters



  • Good working with Green Bean again. The man is fast and powerful!
  • Booty, his second post after last week’s horrendous Bulgarian sandbag workout, finished strong every time.

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  1. Great seeing you again Brother! Solid work with the ruck! Great to catch up with the guys after as well at coffee playground. Hope to see you again in Roswell.


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