A new route

When: 05/27/17

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Mufasa

Alpharetta had planned a 2.0 Beatdown at Widow Maker this morning for a while now, but the Ruck had to go on as advertised. Maybe there’d be another soul who would post. This was also going to be an opportunity for scouting out a new Route for the AlphaRuck Men.

This was going to be YHC’s 6th post of the week, and wasn’t sure how my body would be handling it. It all started with The Kodiak’s post Monday for an F3 featured article in the local newspaper which set the stage for 6 or 7 posts this week. Alpharetta has a good selection of workouts with good variety, so fatigue would not be a problem. 6 – 7  hours of sleep a night is optimal for me, and rising early would not be an issue.

No headlamp would be required at the start, as there’s sufficient light 30 minutes before the sun rises. YHC is a firm believer in the mantra “Never let the sun catch you sleeping” – Art of manliness article.

The new route is a 3.74 mile loop from the cul-de-sac, and would be 4 miles if starting inside the park. For those hoping to catch the WindowMaker workout at 0700, this is perfect timing for a transition for gear change or getting some fuel to continue on.

Here is the Map My Run Link – route


  • An AlphaRuck challenge incorporating 3 AOs is in the cards, inspired by Law Dog and Baby Face from The Kodiak and sanctioned by our Nantan will be good prep for the GrowRuck in November.
  • Keep testing and trying out new things – socks, inners, nutrition when going more than 2 – 3 hrs. Think about hydration, night time movement as we’ll probably be acclimating to the GrowRuck event which takes place at night.

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