Honor the Fallen

When: 5/26/17

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Ha-ha, Mufasa, I-beam, Bear, Hickory Stick, Clyde

So often we look forward to a holiday as a long weekend, a day off work, the beginning (or end) of summer that we lose the original meaning of the day.  The AlphaMen started this weekend remembering the fallen. Temp was in the low 50’s which is becoming a real treat this late in May.

YHC looked up the casualty count for US service men and women during the War on Terror and for US the current number to be 6,926.  Wanting to honor them in some way and not wanting to split 6,926 burpees between 6 PAX, we ran 6,926 steps, plus a few in their honor and in doing so ran past the Milton memorial crosses planted on Deerfield Parkway for this weekend.

We left Mugs for a 5.8 mile loop, N Main, right on Cumming, left on Westside, straight across Windward and past the memorial crosses.  The crosses honor service men/women from Milton who gave the ultimate sacrifice. There are 200 crosses on Deerfield Parkway and another 200+ around the new Milton City Hall in Crabapple.

We turned and ran through Freedom Park and paused at the flag then continued on Webb to Highway 9 and back to downtown Alpharetta.

Good to have Bear out with us. Lots of good talk with Bear and I-beam about the new Roswell AO coming June 5th.

Roswell Launch 6/5

2.0 Workout at WidowMaker tomorrow 5/27

Murph on Memorial Day. Meet at the Alpharetta fountain 7:00 5/29

DC2: Get better!

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