It’s raining ……3’s

When: 05/25/17

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Swiper, Hero, Reuben, Clyde

YHC was feeling quite proud of himself yesterday afternoon.  Prep work completed on this morning’s Q and the clouds beginning to part.  A celebratory tweet went out to warn of impending gloom.  Lo and behold this morning, it came true when I awoke to a torrential downpour. Fortunately, the skies cleared just as the brave PAX of 4 arrived at the shovel flag. Time to mosey.


Abe Vigoda


Alabama Ass-Kickers

Mosey to new territory at the Big Creek the outdoor basketball court for some:

Wilt Chamberlain OYO

100 LBC Run length of court

100 Squats Run back to start

100 Flutter Kicks Runs Length of court

100 Lunges Runs back to finish

Partner up:

Partner 1 complete B.M.B.E????

Partner 2 runs suicide

  1.  Bobby Hurleys 50
  2.  Makhtar N’Diayes. 100
  3.  Backboard Slaps  150
  4.  Elos as in 200

Quick recover and mosey to the track.  I promise Reuben I would do this one since he ran out of time on his VQ.  In all honesty I was hoping to pull a Matt Damon on the Jimmy Kimmell show and run out of time as well, but we knocked out out our BMBE to quick, so:

Battaan Death March 2 laps

Mosey to flag the long way for name your own Mary:

Ruben –  Box cutters

Hero –  3 count LBC’s

Swiper – ABCns

Clyde – Reverse LBC’s


  • Reuben’s friend who is battling depression, and other issues, and that he receives the help he needs.
  • Hero’s story of friend with kidney problems and the need for healing
  • Swiper’s prayers that school is out and 2.0 get everything accomplished that need to
  • Everyone at Big Creek is looking forward to 2.0 workout on Saturday at WidowMaker


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