Slippery When Wet

When: 5/2417

QIC: Aquaman

PAX (): Babyface, Bloodhound, Cricket, Homeboy, Toolman, Misty, Do-si-Do, Banjo and LawDog

As a Military Veteran I was honored when Babyface asked me to VQ right before Memorial Day. Drawing off inspiration from Military PT sessions and fallen/living heroes, I changed my mind a few times. As it rained sideways at my house the night before, I had to reconsider rolling around the football field. As the last few F3 brothers pulled in, it was time to jump in!

Warm Up:

13 SSH
14 Cotton Pickers
Arm Circles

13 Imperial Walkers

The Thang:
Battle Buddy Murph- Moseyed over to the track where we were treated to even numbers. With everyone grabbing a partner we did a Murph inspired workout. While your partner worked, you ran 200M or length of the track and back. As a team:
100 Burpees
200 LBC’s
300 Squats
This next one really got us hydrated. My CEO, Brian Stann is nicknamed, “The Greatest Living American” in honor of his military service and his UFC/Announcing career. I appreciate what he’s done giving back to Veterans and their transition into post military careers.
This was a pyramid workout with 20 Merkins and 20 Flutter Kicks and squat jumps 10 yards between. Starting with 20,1,19,2,18…. until you reached 10. Being held down by the puddles forming in our pockets, I switched to back pedalling between lines and once we reached the road we ran back to our starting point.
With everyone killing the workout, we still had enough time for Catch me if you can and 10 Jumping Jacks before moving to the front of the pack.
With some of the pack headed to the beach this weekend, we finished up with a little Mary with flutter kicks. I announced we would do 10 each and then hold 6 while we went around, but the military in me surprisingly came out as I flutter kicked in cadence to 30. Bloodhound graciously wrapped us up with a nice slow cadence count.
  • Prayers for Cricket and his mother as she has a doctors appointment today and we pray for her health.
  • Also pray for safe travels for Law Dog as he adventures out of state.


  • 2.0 Workout on Saturday, 7am @ Webb Bridge Park (the Widow Maker); any monetary donations are welcome
  • Memorial Day Monday we will have a Workout in Downtown alpharetta.  The group will be doing a FULL Murph.  Start at the Fountain in downtown Alpharetta, NOT the Rubicon
  • We will also be having a workout at The Kodiak for anyone that cannot make it down, Normal Start time, Qed by Banjo
  • Ruck tomorrow Starting at 5:30 from the parking lot
  • Babyface addition to a really strong Backblast form a VQ: I would like to thank the men of The Kodiak for all of their handwork this month.  We are young but we put the pressure on some of these older AOs to step up their game.  Thank you to all the VQs this month as well, I know there were many of you that may not have felt like you were ready, but you took the plunge and none of you disappointed.  If you have not already I recommend listening to episode 3 of the F3 Nation podcast, it will really reassure you that there is never a good time to VQ, and you are not alone in any mistakes you make.  Again great job this Month, lets continue to grow and build I what we did in May

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