Week 3 AO Challenge Update

When: 05/21/17

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): All Alpha PAX

Alpha PAX,

Week 3 is in the books. Just 1 week left to get those points. Yeah, Rubicon seems to be unstoppable, but so did the Falcons and we know how that ended.

  • Rubicon still leading with 31 points before including bonus points. Best guess is they crushed it this week with at least 6 or 7 bonus points.  Rubicon leads overall with 84 points and counting.
  • The Hooch stepped up this week with 28 points. Healthy growth with 3 FNGs and 2 Kotters. Hooch still has a lot of ground to cover with 64 total points.
  • The Kodiak, the new kid on the block, is kicking tail. 21 points this week giving them a total of 61. Big beatdown tomorrow with the local paper coming. Babyface and this AO is showing everyone how to launch a strong, new AO.
  • Big Creek rallied for a strong week 3. 15 points and 2 VQs. Big Creek more than doubled their total this week, bringing their score up to 26.
  • 2.0 beatdown this Saturday under Devito’s and Babyface’s joint Q. Will be a great time for sure. Quick point about points. It does count for bonus points. FNGs count. 2.0s don’t count for any points. But this is a great opportunity to EH a sadclown who always uses his 2.0s as an excuse to not post. YHC is EHing all my neighbor dads and friends with 2.0s to invite them. Also EHing regular Crossfit or Iron Tribers because they can’t normally get this experience with their 2.0s.
  • Don’t forget the Murph on Memorial Day. Meet at the fountain in downtown Alpharetta at 7:00.  If you don’t know the history behind the Murph, read about it here. https://themurphchallenge.com/. F3 tradition that is new to Alpha- during COT, instead of calling your name, come prepared to share the name, age, and date/location of death of a serviceman or woman who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
  • New records! 25 at the Rubicon. 9 for AlphaRuck. 19 for Widowmaker might be a record. Either way, we’re growing.

One more week! Don’t stop. Let’s keep growing.



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