When: 5/19/17

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): DefCon 2, Devito, Mufasa, Clyde, Foghorn

5 PAX posted at the Hoppy-Like this morning to shed some pounds in the form of water. Devito’s first post turned into that HIM setting the pace and encouraging the PAX. Always interesting how the dynamic changes each week depending on who posts, the reason its never really lost it’s excitement.

The Thang
We ran another Hoppy-Like classic. From Mugs toward Crabapple on Milton, left on Charlotte, left on Rucker past the Rubicon, and back around to Mugs.

5.8 miles at a 9.5 minute pace, lots of hills and encouragement to and from all PAX.


Praise and prayers for those who have finished their life journey (F3 brother Papa Smurf) and those nearing their end. 10 out of 10 people die, glad to be surrounded by a group of men who understand and appreciate this, and want to seize each day by getting better.

Missing HaHa this morning, hope for safe travels back from Nashville.

Devito and Mufasa peppering the PAX with stories of their Army training days.. much respect.

Clyde pushing through some pain this morning, as we all have and will. Solid push with support from the PAX.

DC2 with the usual effort.. strong, consistent. Also took lead on the route today.



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