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Old man can Ruck! I mean that with the utmost RESPECT that I can give to another HIM.  Bloodhound can flat move it.  Years of training have ingrained a sense of full Rucking Power in that man.  Luckily C-4 and Cody (the dog) were there to keep him company, because when we said go, the 3 of them bolted.  Cody, by the way is really coming into his element.  I think he will make a strong Q and lead some Purse dogs (looking at you Hotsauce) to reach their full potential.  So far what I am finding about Rucks, even moreso that the fact that the pack is heavy, is that it’s a great time to fellowship and brainstorm, while getting stronger.

On that note Lawdog brought up a great idea about having our region hold a CSAUP.  Something along the lines of a ruck between a couple of AOs with some workouts thrown in.  I thought it sounded interesting so this is what I came up with:


At Widow Maker do a 30 Min BB hosted by Hooch Q

Ruck from Hooch to Widow Maker

At Widow Maker: Shared 40 minute beatdown (20/20 from The Kodiak Q & Big Creek Q)

Ruck from Widow Maker to The Rubicon

At Rubicon: 30 Minute Beatdown hosted by Rubicon Q

Here is a map of the Route:



Don’t know if that is exactly what Lawdog had in mind, but it would definitely be a starting point that can open a discussion.  We could also have a small gathering on Friday night for any groups that come in from out of town (Birmingham, Chatanooga, Savanna).  We might be able to draw in other groups if we hold it on a long weekend like labor day.  

Again all thoughts that were started because of Rucking.  Moral of the story, get rucking, get talking, lets see how far we can take this.

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