25 and counting at the Rubicon

When: 05/16/2017

QIC: Fondue Guy

PAX (): Miller time, Blue Steel, Peanut, The Dab, TO, Catfish, FNG 1 (Twain), Mufasa, FNG 2 (Something to do with Power, sorry forgot), Locksmith, Watson, Nacho Libre, FNG 3(Rousey), I-Beam, Legos, Devito, Isner, FNG 4(Special-K) Zima, Radar, DC2, Cookie, Boomer, Bear, Fondue Guy

Warm up in the parking lot:

Cotton Pickers 10x

Side Straddle Hop 10x

Imperial Walker 10x


Mosey to Grits Pavilion

LBC x25

Dips x15

LBC x25

Dips x15


Mosey to Broke Back Mountain for partner run:

Lap 1: Burpee

Lap 2: Squat

Lap 3: Plank Jack

LBC/Planks until six is in


Indian run to rock pile

Take rock to home plate at FOD, lunges between bases

1st base Curls 25

2nd base Skull Crusher 25

3rd Base Overhead press 25

Home 25 Merkins

Mosey to Flag


COT: 25 men worked out at the Rubicon this morning with four FNGs. One car showed up with at least 4 guys (carpooling is unheard of in Atlanta). Miller Time shared that this was his year 1 F3 anniversary workout and he encouraged the newer guys to keep at it. It was great to see Blue Steel and Boomer in the gloom as well.

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