Ninja Killer Q

When: 5/15/17

QIC: Hombre

PAX (): Babyface, Banjo, C-4, Misty, Cricket, Mile High, Buckeye, Homeboy (FNG Waylon Smith)

To start the 3rd week of our competition, we had a VQ from Hombre to start the day.  YHC could see the evil happiness of his eyes shining bright in the gloom as he stepped out of his car and up to the group.  Here’s what went down:

Warm Up

10 SSH

10 Cotton Pickers

Arm circles both forward then back

The Thang:

We broke the PAX up into 2 groups just to ensure we did not sure we did not have a ton of guys in one spot:

Mile by Quarters:

  1- 10 super-mans 3 secs

  2- 20 T-bone merkins

  3- 30 Switch Lunges

  4- 40 LBC

After a quick 10 count we moseyed to a small concrete pad by the visitor bleacher for a Ninja beatdown

Ninja 100s- 3xthru ending with 10 burpees

  1- Burpees 10 reps

  2- Double Squat Jumps 10 reps

  3- Mountain Climbers 10 reps

when the ninja was done each man did a round of modified Griff until the 6 finished the Ninja

Modified Griff

  1-  200 forward

  2- 100 backward

Mosey to the Flag

COT & Name-o-rama

Welcome Homeboy (Waylon Smith)


  • 2.0 workout will be Saturday May 27th at the widow Maker at 7am.  They will workout WITH us, then have donuts & juice/coffee to follow.  Anyone that wants to help chip in for food & drink, let me know.
  • North Atlanta will be doing a Murph on Memorial day in Alpharetta, starting at Legion Field.


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