AlphaRuck at it again

When: 5/12/17

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): DefConII, Dosido, Flo

4 strong for the AlphaRuck that started with 2 at 0530 and 2 more joining at 0600. The weather was a glorious 62 degrees, light cloud and bit of a breeze – a finer way to start a day could not be found.

After some initial gear malfunction, the ruck got going from the cul-de-sac 3 minutes later than scheduled, but we made up the time difference and met the other Ruckers dead on time at 0600 in the park. The PAX took off in a clockwise direction around the park this time, with daylight starting to break halfway through, negating our red head lamps which we could now turn off. Good pace and conversation made up the time as we finished at the designated end to meet the Widow MakerĀ group for the 0700 beatdown.

Can’t wait for next week to Ruck again!


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