Let there be light

When: 05/11/17

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Radar(FNG), Mufasa, Devito, Locksmith, Dab, Nacho, Cookie, Murdoch, SoSoDef, Moonshine, Ha-Ha, I-Beam, Zima, DC2, Catfish, Lumberg, Foghorn, Fondue

Bout’ that time of year when the beatdown starts in the gloom and ends in the light.  With that come the days when even those who don’t sweat heavy, can ring out their shirts.  Today was one of those days.

19 Strong posted this morning for a split Q with SoSoDef working his way up to a VQ real soon by taking the extended warmups.  After a mosey to a nice lighted lot by Horse Field, he led us in….
Cotton Pickers, Windmills, SSH, CopperHead Squats and a new one (for us) that I really like called Circle Berp – The pax runs in place and each man has a turn to call the down command for a burpee. We did two cycles of 19 burpees

From there YHC took over with a mosey to the wall, partner up.  Partner A wall sits, Partner B does Derkins off his Knees and then runs across the bridge and back.  Flap Jack.  3 cycles of 10, 15 and 20 Derkins.  Next came 8’s with 7 pull ups to 1 donkey kick all the way to 1 pull up 7 donkey kicks.

Mosey to Horse Field for Captain Thor’s.  1 to 3 ratio Big Boy to American Hammers up to 10 and 30.  We do two american hammer’s for each 1 count so in reality it’s 10 to 60 by the end.  Whatever, it’s good for our abs and it’s hard as sh*t at the end.  A quick mosey to the flag for count and name-o-rama.

3rd F today
Sat. Pre Ruck 5:30 AM Sat start announcement.  Mufasa is on a mission!
Prayers for Lumberg’s wife traveling on a mission trip to Central America
DONUT run tomorrow – Just a 5 K.  Ha-Ha will reward you with sugar!

Rubicon is kicking arse with FNG’s.  Welcome Radar
Great numbers this month – It’s getting hard to recall all names for a BB
Keep posting boys – try for minimum of 3 a week to really get stronger and faster.  You have 6 days and 7 options currently to hit a minimum of 3.

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