Ralphie’s VQ!

When: 5/10/2017

QIC: Ralphie

PAX (): The Dab, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Flo, El Matador, Ralphie, Catfish, Sunshine, Pony Boy, Freddie Mac (FNG), La Liga (FNG)

11 strong posted for YHC’s VQ. After a quick but effective disclaimer for the 2 FNG’s, the PAX moseyed around the lot, working the karaoke like pros. A shaky warm-up of 15 SSHs(thanks Boomer for lifting me up), 10 Imperial Walkers followed by 10 Mountain Climbers, we moseyed to the soccer field.

In prepping for the beatdown, YHC happened upon a routine called Red Barchetta. One of lesser known but solid songs on Rush’s 1980 album, Moving Pictures.

The Thang:

Red Barchetta –

At the soccer field, we ran/sprinted a 100 yd dash followed by 100 SSH, run back to start

75 yard run, 75 Mountain climbers and back to start

50 yard run,  50 Merkins – Back to start

25 yard run, 25 Burpees Back to start

Word to the wise for anyone googling the term “Merkin”, not safe for work 😉

Mosey to through the church parking lot to meet a hill

Merk Back Mountain – Partner work out

PAX #1 backward run up the hill and forward back down; all the while, PAX #2 is cranking out Merkins. Repeat 4 times or until 100 Merkins reached

More Moseying through the beautiful landscape to the “play”ground

Partner up by the swings for some real PE

#1 PAX performs AMAYC Swerkans while PAX #2 cranks out Squats Wash, Rinse, Repeat 4 times.

Indian Run back to the lot…Pony Boy led the charge while YHC brought up the rear to demonstrate to the FNG’s. Might have gotten carried away with speed, pace and distance.

While waiting for the Six, we Lt. Dan’d 1×4, 2×8, 3×12, 4×16, 5×20.



El Matador – LBCs IC

Flo- Gas Pumpers IC

Sunshine – Reverse LBCs IC

Nacho – Dying Cockroach IC

The Dab finished us off with Hammers – IC


Welcome La Liga and Freddie Mac our 2 new FNGs. Those 2 and our second VQ of the week ought to get us some points in the Alpha AO Challenge.

Prayers for Flo and his M on the loss of her Grandmother. We lift up The Dab and his M as her uncle faces medical testing and possible heart surgery. Prayers for Pony Boy for margin in life, marriage and family.

Bible verse on my app today was Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another”

Amen brothers.


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