TIRES, UP THE HILLs, and On to Pain Stations

When: 05/04/2017

QIC: Darth

PAX (): Clyde, Swiper, Dipper, Chubs, Rueben, Gizmo, Hero, Darth (8) and one point for over our average!

Defying Cantore with light drizzle and recounting Foghorns recent chastisement for THE CREEK under roof workout in last downpour no escape from the weather was built into this beatdown. Great to see Chubs back at for 2 in a row. I see VQ this month for him, should be a good one. Hero 4 in a row and getting stronger losing weight – awesome. Dipper is now an old hand dropped the lbs and charging hard. Great to get Clyde back out and Swiper belongs in the NASCAR pits with his Tire Arounds speed, setting new track record. Cudos to Gizmo for the New recruits. Clyde still expressing his love for the BURPEE and TURPEE (with Tire).

Mosey to sun dial/ Parking Lot for warm ups

10 – SSH…in cadence count

20 – Imperial Walkers (2 count)

30 – Hillbillies (2 count) 

10 – Burpees – OYO

20 – Cotton mills (2 count)

30 – Side Straddle Hops (actual count) 

10 – Merkins

20 – Sun gods (hands out large circles 10 forward 10 backward)

30 – Prayer Squats (OYO) 

Mosey to Sun Dial for the HILL THANG

HILL Work –      Partner Up HILL Run / Partner Tire Burpees

                             Partner Up Hill Run / Partner Clean and Jerk Tire

                             Partner Up Hill Run / Partner Merkins – Hand on Tire

                             Partner Up Hill Run / Partner toe taps tire

                             Partner Up Hill Run / Partner overhead presses tire

Fast Mosey to Pain Station #1

10 – Tire BURPEES

20 – Hand on TIRE – PLANK JACKS

30 – Feet on Tire MERKINS

Mosey to Fire House for Pain STATION 2:



30 – Hand on Tire – Leg Thrust Out (like burpee)

Mosey to Pain STATION 3:

10 – PASS the TIRE Sit Ups – both partners down = 1 (1-2-1)

20 – CAROLINA DRY DOCKS – in to tire

30 – TIRE AROUNDS (back to back) Pass tire around you.

Mosey to  Sun Dial where it all began Pain STATION 4:

10 – Feet on Tire HAND RELEASE MERKINS (hands off /bottom)

20 – TTP   (Toe Touch to Plank and Inch Worm back up)

30 – Jump from left to right into tire out in out. Each time in is 1.


The Race is on Back to pit Stop for quick LBCs and Dolly’s

Former FNG – Chubs back for round two and HERO is making great strides in his fitness. Dipper is now legendary.

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