Banjo VQ Hunt

When: 5/3/17

QIC: Banjo

PAX (): Babyface, Bloodhound, Misty, Cricket, Lawdog, Nattie Light, Aqua Man, Hombre, Westside, FNG-Apple Pi

Great morning for a hunt at The Kodiak. There was a chill in the air this morning. Not sure if it was the temp or my nerves minutes before my VQ.

 Mosey across the street to middle school parking lot.

 Warm up

In Cadence


7 Windmill

7 Cotton Picker

Rinse and Repeat

 The Thang

Triple check

There are 28 bus slots in the parking lot.  We divided into groups of 3.  One man runs from bus slot 28 to slot 1 and back while the other two in the group do air chair or plank.  When the runner returns to bus slot 28, the man in plank then runs, the man in air chair switches to plank, and the returning runner takes air chair position. Plank for the 6. When everyone had completed 1 round, move up 5 bus slots and repeat except the running was backwards. Plank for 6. Once group was finished move up 5 slots. Repeat but runner ran down backwards and sprinted forward on the way back while instead of air chair we did 6 inch hold. Move up 5 slots. Repeat with runner doing a suicide to others holding plank or 6 inches. We were going to go through the last set twice but were ran off by several charter buses arriving for a field trip.

 Next mosey back across the street for Walk like an Egyptian

Start off in a line an arm length apart from one another.  The man in front leads by saying “lunge.  Everyone lunges with the right leg first, the man in back sprints to the front and says “up” and then “lunge and the new last guy sprints to the front and leads the march. Went through each man in front twice.

 Next: Wall of Merkin

In a circle holding plank, one man does a merkin, the man to his right then does a merkin and this goes all the way around the circle. Second time through do 2 merkins . we stopped at 6.

 The Thang 2


100 Squat

200 Mountain Climbers

300 Plank Jack

Mosey to Flag for Mary

In Cadence

10 Flutter Kicks

10 Dollie

10 Box Cutter

 Followed by:

5 Slow Flutter Kicks

5 Slow Dollie

5 Slow Box Cutter

 With 45 seconds left we finished with LBC until the clock struck 6:15.


  • Prayer for Aqua Mans family, Blood Hounds Family, Crickets Family
  • Prayers for The Mole & Whamo who are both still nursing back injuries.  Can’t wait to have those guys back out there (Unintentional babyface pun)

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