Merkin Relay

When: 05/02/17

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): So So Def, RG3, DC2, Miller Time, Devito, Mufasa, IBeam, Moonshine, Fondue, Murdoch, Nacho, Junior, Dosido

14 strong on a perfect, 52 degree morning in early May.  2 posted for a pre-15 Q school led by Mufasa and 4 other willing PAX.  TClaps for the inspiration.

Mosey toward the Children of the Corn, plank jacks at each intersection waiting for the six.  Once at COC, Side Straddle, Imperial Walker, Cotton Picker.  Mosey to the wall next to the dog track.

-Balls to the Wall Challenge.  Line up on the wall from left to right according to your projected time you can stay up.  Most of us to the left, Dosido & Nacho to the right.  Everyone goes up at the same time with each man to the right trying to outlast the guy to his left.  It nearly worked in sequence besides Q coming down a bit prematurely.  And of course Dosido & Nacho held strong to the end.
-3 Man Merkin Relay.  A runs, B does 10 merkins while C is holding legs and doing 10 squats, alternating counts in between.  B & C call out to partner once done, A planks.  When caught A does merkins, B holds and squats, C runs.  Then C does merkins, A holds and B runs.  And around and around we went.
-Mosey back to the rock pile, grab a coupon.  Curls, Rows, Overhead Press & Skull Crushers.
-head back to the flag, for 5 MOM
-LBC, Big Boy Situps, Freddy Mercury & Flutter Kicks

YHC is very encouraged with the new crop of leaders at the Rubicon.  Q School was great and we saw immediate results during Mary.  Mad respect for Junior who has posted the past few beatdowns.  Prayers for Murdoch who is on to the next chapter in his life after serving 20+ years in the armed forces.  We all are very grateful for his service and wish him the best of luck in his new ventures.  2nd F event this Sunday, 3pm.  Cookout for our 2 year anniversary.  RSVP at

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