Westside VQ

When: 5/1/17

QIC: Westside

PAX (): Babyface, Bloodhound, Misty, Banjo, Cricket, Nattie Light, C4

Warm up:

1 Burpee, 10 SSH In Cadence (IC)

2 Burpies, 10 Windmills IC

3 Burpies, 10 High-Jumpers IC

4 Burpies, 10 Imperial Walkers IC

5 Burpies, 10 Squats IC


The Thang:

Battle-buddy B.O.M.B.S

PAX line up on track in groups of 2. One partner performs exercise while other runs a lap around the track. The groups will continue the exercise where their partner leaves off until completion. Groups Air Chaired or Planked until all PAX finished. The reps for each exercise were as follows:


Burpies – 50

Overhead Arm Clap – 100

Merkins – 150

Big Boy Crunches – 200

Squats – 200


The PAX were so highspeed that they completed the event with 18 minutes to spare. On to the next event.

Bleacher Runs

PAX lined up in front of the bleachers in the same groups. One partner performs the exercise while the other runs up the bleachers to the top. Groups Air Chaired or Planked until all PAX completed. The reps for each exercise were as follows:

SSH – 50

Calf Raises – 100

LBCs – 150

The PAX completed this event in under 7 minutes. Back on the track for some more.

Finished the workout strong with a modified Indian Run around the track until all PAX completed 1 iteration of 16 Merkins and then sprinted to the front of the formation.

Mosey back to the flag to complete the workout.


  • Prayers for a young one in Banjo’s youth group who was diagnosed with cancer. Also, prayers for our family and friends to have a safe week.


  • Evite link to our 2 year anniversary cookout which is scheduled for Sunday, May 7th at 3pm at Windward Park has been sent out via the Watercooler. M’s & 2.0’s invited, RSVP if you plan on going.
  • http://evite.me/g16zcqqGNV

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