Always So Many Fries Workout

When: April 29, 2017

QIC: BiBo and Scout

PAX (): BiBo, Green Bean, Sleeper, FNG (Chris from Decatur) and Scout

In a challenge to think deeper on names, Five Guys gathered in the daylight for a split Q workout. On the fly BiBo took the front end in the civilized area and Scout took em into the woods. The PAX: BiBo, Green Bean, Sleeper, FNG (Chris from Decatur) and Scout posted this AM at Dunwoody Senor Baseball for a workout. The Thang:

Warm up mosey around parking lot

In cadence, SSH 15X, Imperial Walkers 15X, Mercans 10X, Squats 15X, may have been one more, repeat 3X for a triple stack.


Three loops of the stadium steps. On the stadium stairs in cadence, Derkins 10X, One legged squats Left then Right 5X, Dips 10X, Step ups 10X, again with triple beef.


Loop the steps and down to the bottom of the parking lot for some Mary: Advanced Boat Canoes (ABC) 15X, Little Baby Crunches 15X, Obliques L/R 15X, Low Dolly 15X, Heels to Heaven 15X and finally High Dolly 15X. Q was passed to Scout.


Off to the woods to the house of pain for 10 pull-ups and squats in the 3-2 alternating fashion. To stumps for a bucket carry around the campsite….2 times because we are feeling good.


Up the trail to the picnic tables for 11s, Jump Ups and Dips. Here is where we lost FNG for a time and thanks to BiBo who stayed back in support. The PAX backtracked and picked up our 2 brothers and headed out to Hobo’s cul-de-sac where the cone of silence is the rule, right Fizz? In the circle of the cul-de-sac ½ bear crawls and ½ lunges. Mumble chatter about dirty asphalt from Sleeper. Repeat with yours truly pulling out gloves.


Back through the woods for one more circle of stumps. Hollering from Susan of DNC to put the stumps back where we found them as Monarchs and Margarita’s is tonight. Since I was called out by my Hospital name we made sure to leave no trace.


Mosey to bottom of hill, quick round of ABCs to allow FNG to catch up. Run up the Hill to the flag 50% then 100%.

COT: Discussion of F3 for FNG (Chris) who heard about us on TV. He is from Decatur, works for Cisco (the technology company, not the food company SYSCO) has roots in Philly and is hereby known as YEZE (someone help me with spelling, this means “you all”, “you guys” or “youse guys”) Thanks to Bean for taking us out in prayer.

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