Widowmaker Deck of Pain

When: 04/29/17

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Miller Time, Lil Punk, Mufasa, Sneakers, Swiper, Moonshine, Easy-go, Cookie, Ha-ha, Nacho Libre, Zima

12 PAX strong for a Widowmaker good morning beatdown. Special welcome to Lil Punk visiting us from F3 Asheville. Here’s how things went down …


Mosey up to the entrance circle and gather around. In cadence:

15 SSH

10 Hill billy

10 Copperhead squat

10 Windmill

Mosey back to the soccer field for some fun.

The Thang:

YHC grabbed a deck of cards on the way into the field. Spades are Merkins, clubs are squats, diamonds are big boy sit-ups, hearts are running and jokers are 10 burpees each. Complete rep counts as shown on the card. Aces could be 1 or 14, so we added that together and did 15. For the hearts running, numbers cards = run full length of soccer field and back, face cards and ace = run full perimeter around soccer field. A couple cards in, Q decided spades 5 or less would be hand release Merkins. Soon after Cookie added the great idea that clubs 5 or less would be IC Copperhead squats. 10 count break half way through the deck, other than that drive on to the finish.

All were pretty smoked after finishing the deck and time was running short, so we moseyed over to the rock pile for some arm work. All picked a medium sized rock. In cadence 4 count:

10 curls

10 shoulder presses

10 skull crushers

Equated out to 20 reps each exercise. Rinse and repeat for 2 additional sets with a 10 count between each.  At this point it was time to mosey back to the flag for Mary. Round robin Mary with YHC, Cookie, Zima and Lil Punk leading 15 count of dolly, dying cockroach, J-Lo, and flutterkick.

COT / Moleskin:

– Prayers for local families dealing with the loss of loved ones

– Praise for Ha-ha’s daughter graduating this week

– All were pretty smoked after today’s beatdown, but as we returned to our vehicles we saw Mufasa strapping on his ruck and heading off to keep going (working into his 3rd hour for the morning). Truly a lion. YHC can only hope that when I crest 50 to have the strength and endurance of our group’s “Respect” men.


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