Ducks and, Bears and, a little Mike Tyson

When: 4/26/17

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Banjo, Babyface, Bloodhound, Westside, Cricket, Naty Lite, Lawdog, & Misty

There was still a little chill to the air again this morning, but YHC had a plan to make that go away.  So once the clock struct that magical time when all good things start, we did a short mosey to the back of the parking lot to get this sweatfest started.

Warm up:

11 Lunges (Was supposed to be 10 but one more couldn’t hurt)

5 OYO Burpees

12 SSH

5 OYO Burpees

10 Windmills

5 OYO Burpees

The Thang

With additional Pax we picked up with the exercises that we were attempting to end with on Saturday, DMC.  This time we were going to do them the right way, with merkins.  The track though softer and more forgiving than the parking lot was dark, making landmarks hard to see, so we moseyed over to a set of numbered parking spaces for our routine.  For this we Duck walked out to every other parking space, did 10 merkins, and bear crawled back to the start.  Each marker we increased the merkins by 5.

Next we used the same stretch of parking spaces for a set of 11’s with Mike Tysons and imperial swakers.

Following that we circled up for Happy Jacks (5), followed by a ring of fire with 10 merkins.  Followed by eto with air chair and squats. 5 count, then rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Back to the flag for some group lead mary that included LBC, Reverse LBC, American hammer, and finished off with some sweet cadenced flutter by Bloodhound.



  • Reminder of the Alabama Plant on MAY 13th
  • Thank you Westside for stepping up to take a VQ next monday as Lawdog will be unavailable that day
  • Reminder of Shirt orders
  • Glad to have Naty lite back out after being on the disabled list for a stint

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