Back Blast from the Past

As YHC has said before, I wait for inspiration to strike to plan a beatdown. Yesterday, it rained off and on all day with a forecast that said it would continue well into Monday with over a 60% chance of rain in the gloom.  While it ultimately let up in time for the beat-down, it reminded me of the last time Cantore came to the Kodiak which was YHC’s first Q at the new AO.               ( ) Only 3 Pax were present that day and while that may seem small, a small pax always comes with an added benefit and probably the best thing about such days – you can recycle the beat-down at a later date for the enjoyment of the rest of the pax especially if it was miserable the first go around. So here is what went down.

Mosey to the small grassy area by the tennis courts for warm ups which consisted of SSH, windmill, and Imperial Walker.

Mosey to the back of the school to the bus loading area.  It was at this point that YHC asked the pax if anyone noticed my tweet with the back blast link that was operating as a preplast and noticed that Banjo began to remember. With that it was time to Load the Buses and even though the weather cooperated with only a slight mist (to Misty’s enjoyment), the full loading and unloading parking lot was utilized.

Line up at the bus parking spot marked 1. Run to the last spot marked 27 and perform 27 squats. Run back to the 1 for 1 burpee. Run to the spot marked 26 for 26 LBCs. Run back to the 1 for 1 burpee. Run to the spot marked 25 for 25 merkins. Run back to the 1 for 1 burpee. Continue in this fashion working back to 1. Don’t for get 1 merkin at the end followed by 1 burpee (which in reality was just 3 burpees in a row).  There was not a lot a mumble chatter during this one. Totals to 135 squats, 126 LBCs, 117 merkins, and 27 burpees.

About 15 minutes let, so mosey to the bleachers by the tennis courts for some Dips, Stepups, Dips, Step-ups, monkey humpers, offset parallel merkins (one hand and leg on higher bleacher seat with the other leg and arm on the lower bleacher seat), derkins, and step-ups.

Indian run around the parking lot until we are back to the flag.

Time for some Mary. YHC started us off with the crunchy frog and around the circle counter clockwise with each pax calling one Mary exercise IC to 10. Dolly, reverse LBC, dying cockroach, Freddie mercury, American Hammer. At that point Hombre was last in line and notice 1 minute left, so what better exercise to call than plank for 1 minute.


Nameorama (thanks BabyFace for the reminder)


Hombre is a beast. He loaded the buses with speed and efficiency easily getting his load done the fastest. He then ends the beat-down with the elbow plank in perfect form without any movement. He also has some spots available for the blue ridge adventure race on May 20th if anyone is interested.

This pax is getting stronger and not having any problems with Cantore.

Reminder. F3 Alpha is coming up on 2 year anniversary party.

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