Close to Kodi-YAK

When: 4/22/17

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Misty, Banjo, & Westside

It was a another wonderful daybreak at the kodiak, perfect for a good hunt.  Se we moseyed to the front of the Bear statue for some strong inspiration then:

Warm up:

10 Monkey humpers

10 Cotton Pickers

10 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Moseyed to the track for Contra Burpees and long jumps.  Starting at one end of the track we did 3 long jumps followed by 3 burpees.  With each set of burpees we increased the push ups by one.  EX: first set of burpees – normal, second set of burpees do 2 push ups per burpee, 3rd set – 3 push ups with every burpee.  Continue this until you reach the other end of the field, plank for the 6.  In total everyone made it up to 14 push ups, which made for a total of 315 pushups to start the day.

Next we moseyed to the pullup bars and partnered up for a new little routine called PIMPS.  It is a younger relative of BLIMPS.  The routine we did was Pull ups, Imperial Walkers, Mercans, Plank Jacks, and Squats, starting at 10 pullups and adding 10 reps with each exercise.  We did this for 20 minutes with one partner running up and down the stadium and back to his partner.  Each partner did his own reps of of PIMPS.

After the 20 minutes we moseyed to the ear by concrete pad for some LBC, Reverse LBC & Flutter kicks (20 IC reps of each, each followed by a plank session).

Finally we went back to the track for DMC –

Duck walk to the first Yellow (or possible orange) line and do 10 LBC, Bear crawl back.  Duck walk to the next yellow line, 20 LBC, Continue to increase by 10 LBC at each line until we made it to 5 lines.  Or at least that was the plan until an ROTC kid came to the track asking for help to get into the school to get his uniform for a community service event.  Luckily Banjo had a key and after the made it to line 3 we moseyed to the school to the kid, and possibly future F3er out.  While we waited for him to get his uniform we did wall sits with one PAX running out to do 10 star jumps.  

Then we moseyed back to the flag for a quick Mary consisting of Dolly, Dying Cockroach and American Hammers.


  • Prayers for many friends of the Kodiak Pax who lost loved ones this past week.  Heavy hearts all around.


  • We were close to Spilling Merlot today until the ROTC member came up.  Not yet, but soon.

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