The Old Ball Game – The Body VQ – If you Q they will come…

When: 04/20/17

QIC: The Body

PAX (): Chief, former FNG - DIGITZ was back, Gizmo, Darth, Big Dipper, The Body, Clyde, Ha-Ha (for Mary's Only +8 miler)

8 players showed up for today’s “Game”, and my virgin VQ. I was reminded of the final scene of Field of Dreams as I just kept seeing headlights top the hill of the AO this morning. “If you VQ, they will come”.

We started with a short mosey towards the turf field with a brief disclaimer of Darth’s old age and poor circulation as a need for a long sleeve shirt with temps in the 60’s.


SSH, Cotton Picker, Copperhead Squats

A short mosey up the hill for “Spring Training” or 11’s.

10 Mericans – 1 Dip

9 Mericans – 2 Dip

So on and so forth to 1 Merican – 10 dip with wall sits until all PAX have completed their sets.

The Thang: The Old Ball Game

1st Inning:

Start at Home plate, with traveling burpees to First.

10 Mericans at first, long jumps to Second.

15 squats at Second, Bear crawl to Third.

10 Star Jumps at Third, sprint to Home.

Air chair until everyone has made it home.

2nd Inning:

Crabwalk/10 Mericans

Duck Walk/ 15 squats

Lunges/ 10 Star Jumps

Sprint/ Air chair

3rd Inning: “There is no crying in baseball”

Inch worms/10 Mericans

Karaoke/ 15 squats

Traveling Burpees/10 star jumps

Sprint/ air chair

Extra Inning:

30 LBC

Short Mosey to the rock pile for Colt 45’s

15 Curls, 15 Skull Crushers, 15 OHP to a hold till fail.

Mosey to the Roman Gates for planking till fail and then back to the flag.

Finish with Rosalitas, flutters and ABC.


NOTE Big Dipper HC for his VQ on next Thursday

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