WAS-NOW. One HIM changed at a time, Through F3

When: 04/01/17

QIC: F3Qsource

PAX (): All PAX of the F3nation


WAS-NOW: A story of change through IMPACT. There I WAS, then this happened, and here I am NOW.


In an effort to recognize Pax and their transformation through the Shield Lock of F3, the F3QSource will be spotlighting different groups and individuals that have benefited through the aspects of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.
Everyone has a different story and reason for the betterment of the F3 brotherhood. As such, we want to highlight our brothers who have made awesome strides of bettering themselves.

If you have anyone or a group of HIMs that you would like to recognize, please submit a direct message to the @F3QSource on Twitter.

And below are a few lexicon characteristics to use as examples

ACCOUNTABILITY: Submission to Standard through Enforcement and Consequence.

ADVERSITY: A challenge to Acceleration created by Obstacles.

APPRENTICESHIP: The phase of the LDP within which Positive Habit Transfer takes place.

ASK LISTEN REMEMBER: The method by which the Q builds Trust with his Group Members. He asks questions, listens to the answer and remembs what he hears. Abbr: ALR.

CLUSTERQ: An abomination of a Q that elevates the self-confidence of all other PAX in attendance, thereby convincing PAX on the fence that they couldn’t possibly do worse than THAT guy, leading to an influx in Q signups.

COMMITMENT: Unwavering loyalty to the Group and unflinching determination to accomplish the Mission.

COMPLETELY STUPID AND UTTERLY POINTLESS: Difficult Events that the PAX do together to promote Teamwork and Perseverance. Abbr: CSAUP.

COMZ: The Q’s Commitment to Accelerating the quality of communication within his Group.

DISRUPTER: A HIM who is a powerful Influencer of Movement toward Organizational Advantage. Highly valued within a Lizard. Feared and loathed by Goo Nation. A menace to the status quo.

DAILY RED PILL: The Q’s daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Abbr: DRP.

EFFECTIVENESS: The degree to which a person or Group successfully performs their Mission.

EQUIPPING: The Q’s training of other Accelerating Men to perform their Mission.

FAITH: A man’s belief in something outside of himself. The third F of F3. AKA: the ThirdF. AKA: 3F.

FELLOWSHIP: A healthy relationship with those in Proximity. The second F of F3. AKA: the SecondF. AKA: 2F.

FITNESS: A healthy relationship with body and soul. The first F of F3. AKA: FirstF. AKA: 1F.

WAS-NOW: A story of change through IMPACT. There I WAS, then this happened, and here I am NOW.

IMPACT: Forcible contact to strong effect. (Q2.1).


Positive Habit Transfer

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