Grizzly Birthday Beatdown

When: 04/12/17


PAX (): Aquaman, Banjo, Bloodhound, Cricket, Misty, The Mole, Wham-O

Bruised and battered from the Monday beatdown courtesy of Law Dog, a hearty and even number 8 returned on this hump day morning, which notably featured a semicentennial plus 1 birthday to help christen the glorious daybreak.  You know the Pax is strengthening when its call and scent cannot be ignored by birthday complacency.

Warm-up included parking lot moseying to various points for 15 SSH, cotton pickers, and imperial walkers.  We then moseyed just outside the stadium under the morning glow cast from the parking lot lamp posts, which in a fleeting moment of distraction brought to YHC’s mind Narnia and the wardrobe. Nothing like another world to get the heart going, and YHC loves to get the heart going with burpee action, and so we took off for some Route 66. Cricket, Banjo, and The Mole were pushing ahead, YHC and others indeed humbly trying to keep up.

Upon completion, all a bit winded, we moseyed back to the landing just outside the tennis courts, and powered through some Black Jack 21, consisting of merkins and LBCs, back and forth across the areas adjacent to the courts.  This thang ended then with some partnered BLIMP-S-prints, across the parking lot (and even numbers, again; Babyface was missed, but he’d be the odd man out!).  Some were able to power through a rinse and repeat, the lengthy run across the parking lot only whining for a second round.

Five minute Mary remaining, the PAX headed back to the flag, circled up for a Merkin ring (YHC unable to recall its proper name, but only inspired by a Dosido-led Q weeks back @Widowmaker), whereby each counted off 10 full merkins, while all others held the plank, counterclockwise around the circle and back.  Finished up with 15 dollies and 25 Big Boy Sit-ups.

We count off and YHC, so out of sorts from the morning effort, pre-empts the name soundoff and jumps into news and noteworthy; thanks to Bloodhound for reminding YHC of the Nameorama sequence.

Birthday revelation by Bloodhound.

Wham-O invited all and will be preaching Thursday at 6:30 at Creekside Methodist Church.

Reminder of upcoming events at Top Golf and F3 area anniversary event on May 7.

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