The Masters

When: 04/04/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Darth Visor, Hammer, Leghorn, Reuben, Gizmo

After a rain soaked Monday at the hallowed grounds of Augusta National, it was imperative that all of the contenders start off Tuesday with a solid day of practice.  6 HIM’s from Big Creek knew that the same was true if they were to show up in top form for the F3 Topgolf event on 4/13 with hopes of stealing the green jackets from last years championship pairing…Cookie and YHC!

To the first tee box for warm up’s:


Abe Vigoda

Cotton pickers

The Thang:  Amen Corner with a different exercise for the drive, approach, and putting green.  Hole number equals number of reps.

#11- White Dogwood, Par 4

Drive= Worst Mercan ever

Approach= Goofballs

Putt= ATM’s

#12 – Golden Bell, Par 3

Drive= Copperhead squats

Putt= Dan Taylors to 5:20

#13- Azalea, Par 5

Drive= Big boy sit up’s

Approach= J-lo’s

Putt= Reverse LBC’s (PAX elected to go for the green in 2!)

Next off to the hill by the sports complex for driving range and practice green partner exercises with coupons:

Partner A back pedals to the fire hydrant and sprints back while Partner B works on:

50 curls

75 Skull crushers

100 OHP’s

Mosy back to the Roman gates for declining sets of:

-2004 Phil Mickelson Star Jumps

-Mountain Climbers (#10)

-Air Chairs

Quick stop by Butler Cabin for dips and step up’s and back to the flag for Mary:



Dying Cockroaches


-Prayers for Leghorn’s friend whose daughter is under evaluation for seizures

-Prayers for Reuben for upcoming doctors appointment and final treatment

-Prayers for Hammer’s interview process

-Praise to Gizmo for strong encouragement around humility and being freed to lead

-2nd F events upcoming on 4/13 and 5/7- see newsletter for details




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