These Merkins are no joke

When: 4/1/17

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Banjo, The Mole, C-4, Bloodhound

For the record, I had no intention of a nice and easy day.  That was a poor attempt a April Fools humor, very poor.  For the men who showed up for the morning beatdown, there was no fooling them, for if I had given them a nice and easy workout, it’s likely that I would have been the one getting the beatdown.  These fine men came ready to work and sharpen each other this morning.  

So much so that Banjo, our resident Creekview teacher/coach/tour guide wanted us to know about some monkey bars, pull up bars, and a large climbing wall that is used by the school’s ROTC program so we modified the warm up to take the loooong way around the school, and that’s where the fun begins.

Warm up

Mosey to the new ROTC playground in the woods for a quick show and tell by Banjo.  There are some fun things in there that will soon be incorporated into upcoming beatdowns, just not yet.  So we continued our mosey around to the front of the school where we met up with an old friend, Jack Webb.

To get our arms loosened up we started the day with a little Jack Webb all the way to 10.  YHC new what was in store for the day so I really wanted to get the arms woke for all of the fun.

The Thang

We mosey to the Middle School across the street to the set of benches at the back of the school.  There we performed our next set of exercises.  We did dips and step ups (1-10 & 20-11 respectively IC) on the benches.  Q had a difficult time with math this fine morning, luckily Mole is an Ex-Physics teacher, so he helped out with the higher level calculations we were doing.

Next we moseyed to the practice field behind the school to do a round of crowd pleasers.  We performed 11’s of monkey humpers on the far side of the field and crunchy frogs on the return with a set of 5 merkins each time you passed the center of the field.  We did this OYO, because Q didn’t want to screw with math out loud again for the day.  


Finally after a quick 10 count we headed to the back of the front of the main high school parking lot for our last set of exercise, the Webbicide.  At each line we increased by 5 Merkins all the way to the end of the parking lot.  In the shadows of 3 hot air balloons filling and getting prepped for takeoff we battled through,  but unfortunately ran short on time and had to call it before anyone made it all the way through, though a few were close.

Mosey back to the flag



  • Banjo suggested a great 3rd F to help clean up the trash in the front of the AO.  Apparently since the cherokee county school system decided to privatize the clean up crews it has gone to crap.  We all agreed it would be a great way to give back and show appreciation for them letting us use the facility.
  • 2nd F Coffiteria at C-4 was great, all 5 who showed for the beat down went and we even picked up a starsky from C-4’s neighbor who has been laid up with a calf injury for the past couple weeks, Naty Light.

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