Easy Go for the win.

When: 4/1/17

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Crack, Mufasa, DoSiDo, Easy Go, El Matador, Flo, Swiper, HaHa, Genie, Boomer, Ralphie, Nacho Libre

To be completely honest, YHC had only about half this workout planned out when pulling into the lot at the #Widow-Maker. But such is the wealth of this AO… the inspiration for exercise is endless, providing feature after feature to be leveraged by the Q in the pursuit of the #darkredpill. And after being called out (with love) by a certain Simpsons character on the ol’ Twitter,  YHC was looking for blood (with love?).

The Warmup

As a few of the PAX push forward at the #HoppyLike to new heights, distance, and pace, expect to be pushed on the mosey. PAX took an abbreviated trail run over the bridge and back to the lot to pickup what we thought was a late Crack, and headed on to and down the great hill.

The Thang

At the base… SSH x 20, Merkins x 12, Plank Jack x 12

Backwards run up the long hill, 20 seconds backwards up the hill, 5 seconds forward down the hill, rinse and repeat to the top. That burn is real.

On the slope, Mucho Chesto variation, rotating clockwise from incline, side, decline, side merkins. 2x. That burn is very real.

Mosey around the park to the turf field, Indian Run while the six catches up with the PAX. Once we see a sprint from all PAX we move on..

Mosey to a new rock pile at top of park. DORA.. 100 curls, 200 crushers, 300 presses while partner sprints to parking lot and back. Some fast PAX here..

Mosey to turf field for some Mary, then..

Squat x 15, Star Jump x 15.. x 12.. x 9.. x 6.. x 3..

10 second air chair if all PAX can hold form, x 3.

Can’t leave without finishing the trail run, with some exercises thrown in. To the flag!


Lots of praise for opportunities to grow and get involved with local churches. Prayers for certain struggles among us.


  • Follow Alpha Instagram and FB accounts (“F3Alpha”), and ‘share’ the posts to increase exposure.
  • A reminder that if you Q, you must BB. The PAX and Site-Qs will hold you accountable. But if you don’t BB, you probably aren’t reading this sentence.
  • Tclaps to Mufasa and DoSiDo for posting an hour early for the Ruck. At some point YHC will jump in.
  • Cheers to the PAX for being very conscious of the 6 and those who are pushing through pain. It’s that support that keeps guys coming back.
  • Awesome to have guests.. Today’s guest was Genie from MECA, good man. He’s heard of Alpha.. keep making noise.
  • Proud to know Alpha is setting the bar on the beatdown experience, Genie was ‘completely unprepared’ for the push this morning. Let’s keep pushing!
  • Ralphie showing consistency. Keep posting brother, and check out a weekday.
  • For a runner, HaHa showing he can take on a beatdown like the best of us. Keep poking the bears!
  • How does one accelerate so quickly up an incline at the end of an hour of pain? That’s our Mufasa. #respect
  • Good to see El Matador out on a Saturday, but YHC has been less than consistent on Saturdays, so maybe it’s me that was seen?
  • Easy Go did not quit. As Crack said, ‘Just showing up is a win.’

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