Death Star – Merkins with a Fire Drill and other fun with Merkins

When: 03/30/17

QIC: Darth

PAX (): Swiper, Chief, Reuben, The Body, Big Dipper

Six PAX joined in the beautiful GA morning to experience many forms of Merkins.

Rueben again with a strong showing after quite the layoff. Chief was able to slide out of the wigwam to join in the war party this AM. “Dang that was a lot of Merkins” in the mumble chatter. BUT summer is here and the BEACH BODY needs some love. Disclaimer – It’s OK to modify. YHC feeling the burn early left over from Deck of Pain. The Body and Swiper with strong effort this AM. Dipper says Death Star was a headache? Pollen SUX..

Here’s what had happened…

Run downhill for warmups SSH, Abe Begodas, Mountain Climbers

Bear CrawlDerkins 5 sets 5 (Parking Lot) 25 MERKS

Creature Merkins – Bench Incline Merk One rotate right to ground 1 Merkin rotate to bench 1 Merkin, rotate to left for 1 Merkin (8)

20 Squats

Fire Drill – Center of Soccer Field

High Knees each PAX shouts FIRE drop to ground roll right Merkin then roll left Merkin and back up for high knees. Rinse Repeat till all PAX shout Fire. (12 Merks)

Death Star – Run to Star Points and back to center for 20 LBCs each time. (180 Merks)

Run to Midway sideline –  20 Merkins

Run to L Corner Endzone – 20 L Hand Staggered Merkins

Run to Center Endzone –    20 Wide Merkins

Run to R Corner Endzone – 20 R Hand Staggered Merks

Run to Midway sideline –  20 Hand Release Merkins

Run to L Corner Endzone- 20 L Hand Stagger Merkins

Run to Center endzone      20 Wide Merkins

Run to Right Corner –        20 R Hand Stagger Merkins

Run to midway sideline –  20 Merkins.

25 Squats

AROUND THE CLOCK – On HILL Merks 5 @ 12, 3, 6, 9    (20 Merks) PAX Mumbling continues.

250 Merkins Total Count

MOSEY ½ way Home to Roman Gates for MARYs : Dolly, Heels to the Heavens, Reverse LBC

Jail Break back to Flag

COT – Reuben’s continued recovery, Dipper Job, Hammer Job, F3 expansion in our area, friends health issue.




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