Oh Deer!

When: 3/10/2017

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Ha-ha


55 degrees and calm.  A squall line had just passed through starting at about 3:30 am.  Mucho fireworks from the sky.  I drove to the AO in heavy rain that stopped just as I reached Hoppy-like.  At 5:32 I was ready to move out.

YHC was excited to show off his Florida tan from a week of Spring Break, and to show off his spanking new P200 race shirt and to try out a new route. I got to try out the new route anyhow!

Started off across Main to Old Milton and followed across GA 400 to the Big Creek and entered the Greenway south.  Rain had stopped but the street was still very wet. Continued south and spotted several herd of deer on the side of the trail.  Probably at least 20.  A tree had fallen across the trail in one spot but I continued on to Kimball Bridge after 1.8 miles on the Greenway.  Returned up Kimball Bridge to Old Milton and back to Mugs for 7.2 miles.

Perfect weather for a run this morning after being hot in Florida for the week. Nothing like the happy motorist tooting their horns to cheer you on!  I think one gave me the thumbs up!  I think it was his thumb.


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  1. I love a solid BB when it’s a lone PAX beatdown. Well done Ha-Ha! You have just entered into rare territory with this performance. Congratufinlations! And show off that shirt next week


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